Janine Vermeulen

Janine Vermeulen is a social and creative entrepreneur since 2002. She developed community projects in empowerment, storytelling and social arts in the Netherlands, e.g. in Leiden, The Hague, Amsterdam. She also developed empowerment and dance trainings/workshops in e.g. France, Germany and the Netherlands.

After her study international law, she continued studying in professional courses in storytelling, art, coaching, empowerment, Tantra and psychodrama. For more than 15 years she performed various types of improvised dance, music and visual arts. She mixes aspects of these disciplines through her workshops and trainings.

Janine runs a social sewing workshop and a yoga & empowerment center (Happy Wo-Man) in Hw10.
You can hire her for workshops, training and private sessions. She is experienced in e.g. teambuilding, visioning, community and personal development.

At the Yoga center in Studio 14 at HW10, you can join courses in (several types of) Yoga, Mindfulness, Tantra & Massage (also performed by others).
In the sewing workshop Janine and volunteers make & sell hippy-style clothes and upcycled vintage.
Examples of workshops Happy Wo-man organizes at festivals and for companies are:

1. Shining magic make-over: playful & empowering workshop with roleplay, improvised dance and drama. Perfect for group work and personal development.
2. Pimp your clothes: making something artistic, new, from your old favorite clothes, while telling stories about it. Beautiful for consciousness about sustainability in a connecting way.
3. Sheherazades storytelling tent: storytelling workshop and performances in an atmosphere of 1001 night love stories. Perfect for teambuilding or Bachelor party’s.
4. Company/group vision experience: whole day with innovative teambuilding. Janine as group facilitator and coach invites and challenges people with a sense of humor. Tailor-made program, lots of possibilities!