Esmee Mlihi

lila makes tailor-made & sustainable fashion affordable for everyone!

Her sewing-patterns are super simple and based on your personal figure. • After all each hip is unique! • And with the social advantage that your skirts can be made in social working spaces. All you have to do is send your unique curves to lila and the social en sustainable impact will start right away.

The outcome is perfect fitting fashion that is made according to your sustainable ideals!

lila creates
• Personal sewing patterns – Based on your unique body curves
• Up-cycled duplex skirts – Based on your unique body curves & produced in Amsterdam social working spaces

Dressmaking can be so much more fun, faster and personal

The current sew instructions and patterns are based on the high scaled clothing industry. With the result that they are unnecessarily complicated for the average home dressmaker and does not always fit well. In addition, the clothing of the large clothing industry is often made in inhuman conditions and are polluting our ecosystem.

Therefore lila is brought to life. This clever female machine gives you the opportunity to gain your sustainable, affordable and custom-made clothing in no time.

A real win-win deal for
• your body
• your wallet
• our society
• our planet

Because of your fashion desire you will give underprivileged groups the chance to grow and you will contribute to direct up-cycling!

What lila wants to achieve
With lila we want to evolve a revolution in the high scaled clothing industry. We strive to better balance between people, profit and planet.

• Love your own curves
• Power to the people to make their own clothes
• Freedom of choice in labor and resources