Altered States of Consciousness Through Breathing at MixTree

22 march 19:30 – 21:00
Broedplaats LELY

How can we attain extended states of consciousness without the use of psychedelics?

MixTree is delighted to welcome Iker Puente!
Trained in holotropic breathwork and transpersonal psychology, he will enlighten you on how to use your breath to access transpersonal healing states of consciousness.

By combining breathwork, music, body work, and group dynamics, transpersonal breathwork can help you integrate and release physical and emotional tensions.

Transpersonal Breathwork is based on Holotropic Breathwork, a method developed by Stanislav Grof as a non-invasive alternative to LSD facilitated psychotherapy.

When he isn’t traveling around the world giving seminars, talks, and workshops, Iker Puente works as a psychotherapist in Barcelona. He is also Assistant Editor of the Journal of Transpersonal Resarch (JTR), and a founding member of the Ibero-american Transpersonal Association (ATI). Iker recently published is first book “Psychedelic psychotherapy and research: past, present and future”.
Tickets: 6 euros in advance, 10 euros at the door (very limited number available). To assure a seat, get your ticket via the ticket shop:

Doors open at 19:00 and the program starts at 19:30.

During the weekend after, Iker will also host 2 transpersonal breathwork workshops in which you will be actively engaging with his techniques. There will be 2 workshops:

March 24th – Workshop in Rotterdam:

March 25th – Workshop in Amsterdam:

Links to Iker Puente’s research publications: